Forest Synergy is a forestry consulting company located in North Central Virginia specializing in Forest Management, Fire Prevention, and Forestry Education.

Student ICS is now available at The program is designed to help students, individuals, and organizations learn to plan and organize effectively by using the principles of Incident Command System. For more information go to Products Page

Forest Synergy was formed in January of 2004 with the intent of providing forest management service to small landowners and to educate individuals through the disciplines of forestry. In October 2012 Cheryl and I moved from KY to VA to be closer to family. I look forward to meeting and serving new clients.

The name for the company came from the idea that various fields of forestry are making significant gains in their subject matter, yet would be enhanced by working closer with other disciplines to provide a broader service for the landowner.  For many years forest management and wildlife management have served the public successfully, yet independently.  Current recognition is that neither discipline is an end within itself.  Integration of actions for the landowner is a winning combination -the Synergy of disciplines.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  Please feel free to call, email, or write anytime.  I am a Viet Nam veteran – Army. I look forward to speaking with you. 

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