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Smokey Bear

Walking Stick Medallion

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About the purchase of your medallions

The Smokey Bear Walking Stick Medallion has sold in at least 45 states with 5 Star ratings on Etsy. Forest Synergy is proud to be a licensed Smokey Bear vendor. A royalty of all sales is paid to the US Forest Service for Wildfire Prevention.


The easiest way to purchase the medallions is through Etsy. Shipping is free and has tracking for all packages. The cost is $18 per medallion. We are confident you will be pleased with the quality and apprearnce of the medallion. Several submitted photos of the mounted medallions are shown below. Our theme is "Take a Walk with Smokey."


The medallion is metal with raised features, approximately 1.75 inches in diameter, and arrives with 3 nails. A  small pilot hole may have to be made for more dense wood sticks.


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Special Story

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Lots of Places - More to go

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