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Student Incident Command System

Incident Command System is used world wide to manage disasters and major events. It can also be used in the daily lives of our youth to plan and execute safe activities .

Purchase Information and Synopsis

"Student ICS: Growing Leadership in our Youth" can be purchased at Books for $19.95


Student ICS is a book written to relate the 5 core principles of the Incident Command System to  youth for their use in everyday living. Parallel examples of wildfire management and student activities explain how and why ICS principles work in application to daily life. Whether implementing an Eagle Scout project, planning a birthday party, a basketball tournament or a student conference, the elements of Command, Planning, Logistics, Operations, and Administration taught in ICS can be applied to achieve efficient and productive outcomes.


Jim relates his experiences working with the US Forest Service on wildfires and other events in his life where ICS was applicable. The book is ideal for budding young leaders, Scouts, and group leaders that seek safer and more effective outcomes. Student ICS is also very helpful for adults, as most people have not been exposed to the Incident Command System.


Student ICS has been taught, and is applicable to high school students in the Junior Fire Fighter and Junior ROTC programs. Exercises are included to guide instruction for all levels and ages of students. It is one thing to teach students the different types of leaders, IT IS ANOTHER TO PROVIDE INSTRUCTION IN ORGANIZATION AND SAFE IMPLEMENTATION OF A PLAN.